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Crusades of the Dark Savant


Wizardry II

Wizardry 8 downloads.

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IBM PC Windows release: Download Now

(Please note: Wizardry 8 download is hosted on the Internet Archive).

Download Wizardry 8 manual. Download Now


Download Wizardry 8 patch 2001_12_23_release (Last official patch from SirTech). Download Now

Download Wizardry 8 Combat Speed Enhancer. Greatly reduces the time it takes for monsters to move from one position to another while engaged thus greatly reducing the lenght of battles.. Download Now

Download Wizardry 8 Transparent Compasses. Makes the compasses at the bottom of the screen transparent thus giving a much better view of the world in front of you.. Download Now

Download Wizardry 8 NO DVD. Play without the need to have the game DVD disk in the DVD drive. . Download Now

Download Wizardry 8 game/world editor. Download Now